Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My latest project with the ladies isn’t exactly Rocket Science. . . well maybe it is. We’re building a couple of rockets. I tried to build an Estes Rocket when I was in the second grade. I got about as far as Step 1 before I realized I was in over my head. For whatever reason I kept the two parts that I managed to glue together in my sock drawer until I went off to college.

I think it’s time to give it another shot. This time I have two helpers, Megan and Devon. I ordered two rockets, a starter set that includes a launching pad and a second rocket that has space for a payload. The girls are already planning what they want to send into orbit.

After an aborted start yesterday, we were able to get going tonight. We glued the engine mount together and put the launch lug on the main body of the rocket. Stay tuned for more progress reports . . .